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0.0 Bailey Road interchange at Interstate Highway 15. Go south over the Interstate and take the northbound entrance ramp toward Las Vegas.

1.4 Large roadcuts on the right in 1700 Ma foliated granite and high-grade metamorphic rocks.

1.6 Outcrops to the left contain low-angle faults cutting high-angle foliated metaplutonic rocks. At 12:00 are Castle Peaks on the far horizon in the northern New York Mountains (Miller and others, 1986). These sculptured peaks are Tertiary volcanic rocks which rest depositionally on 1660 Ma (Wooden and others, 1986) Ieucocratic granite (unit Xg1, fig. 3).

2.4 Roadcuts in Tertiary fanglomerate. Past roadcuts, views to both left and right show pronounced foliation and layering of light-colored Early Proterozoic granitic rocks that intruded darker ampibolite and mixed gneiss. Mineral Hill on the right; 1400 Ma syenite and granite crop out on the ridge at 3:00. Farther south along Mineral Hill are numerous prospect pits containing thorium-rich, rare-earth-element-rich veins. The extent of mineralization related to the Mountain Pass Carbonatite south, past Mineral Hill, is unknown.

3.7 View into Ivanpah Valley and across Ivanpah Lake. Mountains in the distance are the McCullough Range, which contain granulite-facies gneissic rocks (Clarke, 1985; Anderson and others, 1985) and 1700 Ma plutonic rocks. Rectangular ponds at the southern end of Ivanpah Lake are waste water storage for the Mountain Pass mine.

4.6 Nipton Road exit. Take the exit to the right.

4.9 Stop sign. Turn right onto highway leading to Nipton, California, and on to Searchlight, Nevada. Entering East Mohave National

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