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0.0 Drive north past abandoned gas station on the right and old bowling alley on the left.

0.2 Turn left on residential street. Just after left turn the road forks; stay to the left on North Park Road.

0.3 Take the left fork in the road, around a satellite television dish. Just past the satellite dish turn off the paved road and take the well-traveled dirt road to your left. This dirt road goes toward an active waste dump, but turns south at the base of the waste dump.

Follow the road around the south side of the waste pile, traveling west, parallel to the Interstate Highway on your left. The dumps on the right are some of the older waste piles at the mine and are no longer used because deep mining by open pit methods of the carbonatite beneath the waste piles would entail moving the dumps. The fence around the waste piles is the property boundary of Moly Corp. Inc.; we should not go inside the fenced area. Gray rocks on the dump are 1700 Ma high-grade metaigneous and metamorphic rocks. Tan rocks on the dump are 1700 Ma granite and 1400 Ma carbonatite material. Carbonatite on this dump averages less than 3 percent combined rare-earth oxides. When this waste dump was active the cutoff grade of ore at the mine averaged 5 percent rare-earth oxides; currently the cutoff grade of ore is approximately 9 percent rare-earth oxides.

0.9 Road turns to the right (north) around the

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