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Assemble at the Las Vegas Convention Center, south of the Hilton Hotel. Take any main street south to Tropicana Avenue. Turn west on Tropicana, past the Las Vegas Strip, and continue to Interstate Highway 15. Turn south on Interstate 15 toward Mountain Pass, California. Mileage starts at 0.0.

0.0 Tropicana exit on Interstate 15. Head south toward Mountain Pass. McCarran International Airport on the left. Spring Mountains on your right at 3:00. The impressive range is made up of thrust plates of the foreland fold and thrust belt (Armstrong and Oriel, 1965; Armstrong, 1968; Burchfiel and Davis, 1972). In the low morning sun the bold cliffs of the Aztec Sandstone are clearly visible. The Keystone thrust plate, consisting of dark Cambrian limestone and dolomite, overlies the Aztec Sandstone (Longwell and others, 1965; Burchfiel and others, 1974). Lower and presumably older thrust faults, which aren't very obvious from here, include the Red Springs thrust (Davis, 1973) and the Bird Spring thrust (Hewett, 1956). Behind and to your left, at approximately 7:00, is Frenchman Mountain, a titled and listrically rotated fault block containing most of the Paleozoic shelf sequence of carbonate rocks (Longwell and others, 1965).

2.9 Mountains at 9:00 are the northern end of the McCullough Range extending south from Henderson, Nevada (fig. 1). Northern part of the range consists predominantly of Tertiary volcanic rocks. View to the right in the Spring Mountains shows Keystone and older thrust plates. Strata in the thrust plates at 3:00 are relatively horizontal, but to

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