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This field conference of the Society of Economic Geologists, held in conjunction with the 1987 Annual Meeting of the Geological Society of America in Phoenix, Arizona, investigates various Proterozoic ore deposits in southeastern California and western and central Arizona. The trip starts in Las Vegas, Nevada, and ends in Phoenix, Arizona. Although Proterozoic ore deposits and geology are emphasized, the field trip traverses a variety of tectonic provinces, each containing ore deposits of various ages. Many geologic features and ore deposits that are not Proterozoic in age will be discussed during the course of the trip, but no stops will be made to investigate any of these, features.

The morning part of the trip starts in the Mesozoic foreland fold and thrust belt of Nevada and southeastern California, goes just east of the Mesozoic batholith belt of California, and ends in crystalline basement containing Early and Middle Proterozoic metamorphic and plutonic rocks. Within this basement is exposed the Middle Proterozoic Mountain Pass Carbonatite deposit, the largest source of rare-earth elements in the world. The Mountain Pass Carbonatite will be the focus of our morning stops.

The afternoon part of the trip crosses Early Proterozoic high-grade metamorphic rocks and plutonic rocks east of Mountain Pass. Ore deposits noted along the afternoon portion of the trip include middle Tertiary epithermal, gold-rich veins at Searchlight, Nevada, and disseminated gold deposits in Tertiary volcanic rocks near Hart Peak in the New York Mountains. The trip continues across the Colorado River trough along the border

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