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Two species of macruran decapods are reported from Upper Cretaceous rocks of the López de Bertodano Formation on Seymour Island, Antarctica. Eighty-eight specimens of decapods were collected from the unit; all are from concretions. Hoploparia stokesi has been collected previously on Seymour Island, Cockburn Island, and James Ross Island, in Antarctica. A new species of palinurid lobster is described, Linuparus macellarii n. sp. The genus has not been reported previously from Antarctica, and its only published reports in the Southern Hemisphere have been from two localities in the Upper Cretaceous of Africa and Madagascar. Seven specimens of H. stokesi are encrusted with epibionts, including the oyster Pycnodonte cf. P. vericosa (Forbes) and the tube-forming worm Rotularía sp.

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