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The Australian continent records c. 1860–1800 Ma orogenesis associated with rapid accretion of several ribbon micro-continents along the southern and eastern margins of the proto-North Australian Craton during Nuna assembly. The boundaries of these accreted micro-continents are imaged in crustal-scale seismic reflection data, and regional gravity and aeromagnetic datasets. Continental growth (c. 1860–1850 Ma) along the southern margin of the proto-North Australian Craton is recorded by the accretion of a micro-continent that included the Aileron Terrane (northern Arunta Inlier) and the Gawler Craton. Eastward growth of the North Australian Craton occurred during the accretion of the Numil Terrane and the Abingdon Seismic Province, which forms part of a broader zone of collision between the northwestern margins of Laurentia and the proto-North Australian Craton. The Tickalara Arc initially accreted with the Kimberley Craton at c. 1850 Ma and together these collided with the proto-North Australian Craton at c. 1820 Ma. Collision between the West Australian Craton and the proto-North Australian Craton at c. 1790–1760 Ma terminated the rapid growth of the Australian continent.

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