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Research was supported by grants from the National Science Foundation (EAR 73-00194, EAR 77-17064), the University of Puerto Rico (Mayaguez), the American Philosophical Society (Johnson Fund #958), and the University of the West Indies (Jamaica). The University of Puerto Rico also provided funds to facilitate collaboration between the authors during manuscript preparation. Radiocarbon dates by D.S.I.R. (New Zealand), J. J. Stipp of the University of Miami and Beta Analytic; geochemical analyses at Michigan Technological University and the Universities of Montreal, Edinburgh, and Leeds; microprobe analyses at the University of Manchester. We enjoyed cooperating in the field with the following persons: A. Eva, R. V. Fisher, B. M. Gunn, K. Rowley, J-P Viode, J. D. Weaver (deceased), D. Westercamp (deceased), H. Williams (deceased), and J. V. Wright; P. E. Baker, G. Fitton, B. M. Gunn, W. S. Mackenzie, W. I. Rose, and B. Wood provided analytical support. H. Santos and G. Otero helped draft some of the figures and I. Carré and D. Martinez undertook photographic work. Special thanks to N. Torres, I. Díaz, and S. Candanedo for typing many versions of the manuscript. We would also like to thank our many friends in the Lesser Antilles especially Francoise Beaudoin (St. Pierre), who introduced us, Henri Petit-jean Roget (Fort-de-France), Jean-Pierre Viode (Fond St. Denis), and Madame Bayard (Morne Rouge) or their hospitality. Finally we would like to thank our peer reviewers, G.P.L. Walker, J. Davidson and R. Arculus, for their many criticisms and in particular to George Walker for his very

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