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Data integration between different software is routinely needed in order to create suitable data formats or necessary data manipulation prior to importing the data. The procedures and workflows are not usually published. This paper presents the data integration between GSI3D (Geological Surveying and Investigation in 3 Dimensions) and groundwater flow modelling software GMS version 7.0 (Groundwater Modelling Systems) and FeFlow®. Geological models for two sites in Finland, an esker aquifer at Patamäki and a mine site in Luikonlahti, were constructed using dedicated 3D geological modelling software GSI3D.

The data from the GSI3D model in Patamäki was exported as ASCII grid files directly to GMS in order to delineate hydrogeological features prior to groundwater flow modelling. The data from the GSI3D model in Luikonlahti was first manipulated in ArcGIS to make it amenable in FeFlow®.

In both modelling locations, the detailed geological modelling greatly helped to discern different hydraulic conductivity zones that are based on different geological materials. This, in addition, eases the development of conceptual groundwater flow models, the model calibration process and potentially improves the simulation results.

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