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Integrated environmental modelling (IEM) is a recent phenomenon that offers the opportunity to solve complex environmental problems. Whilst it has made great strides in recent years, there are still challenges to be met before IEM is universally accepted and used. This paper describes the current state of IEM and sets out a roadmap for achieving its full potential. A multidisciplinary, multi-agency approach will be required, the main goals of which are to: (1) raise awareness and build confidence in IEM; (2) ensure availability and accessibility of IEM techniques, tools and standards; (3) establish a minimum set of standards; (4) build the IEM skills base; (5) establish an underpinning research and development (R&D) programme; (6) co-ordinate and promote collaboration; and (7) foster IEM use by government, industry and the public. Once these goals have been achieved, then IEM can be deployed to help resolve currently intractable environmental issues, and the IEM methodology can be transferred to other fields.

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