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The British Geological Survey (BGS) is developing integrated environmental models to address the grand challenges that face society. Here we describe the BGS vision for an Environmental Modelling Platform (BGS 2009) that will allow integrated models to be built, and describe case studies of emerging models in the United Kingdom.

This Environmental Modelling Platform will be founded on the data and information that the BGS holds. This will have to be made as accessible and interoperable as possible to both the academic and stakeholder decision-making community. The geological models that have been built in an ad hoc way over the last 5–10 years will be encompassed in a National Geological Model that will be multi-scaled, beginning with onshore UK and eventually including the offshore continental shelf. The future will be characterized by the routine delivery of 3D model products from a multi-scaled and scalable 3D geological model of the UK that can be dynamically updated. The deployment of this model will generate further significant requirements across the Information and Knowledge Exchange spectrum, from applications development (database, GIS, web and mobile device), data management, information product development, to delivery to a growing number of publics and stakeholders.

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