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A complicating factor in correlating Cambrian sections in Britain and Ireland is that host terranes now geographically close to one another may have been widely separated in Cambrian time. This section reviews a terrane map of Britain and Ireland (Fig. 5) and its implications for Cambrian correlation. There are intrinsic limitations in palaeomagnetic restoration of terranes to their geographic positions in Cambrian times. Additional evidence is available from faunal distributions, tectonic reconstructions, and isotopic characterization of sediment source areas. Using these methods, some constraints can be put on the Cambrian positions of terranes relative to each other and to the major continents from which they were detached in post-Cambrian time. Some Neoproterozoic relationships are also discussed, because of doubts in some terranes as to whether late Neoproterozoic successions range up into the Cambrian.

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