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The incidence of volcanic ash (tephra) within marine sediments serves as a useful stratigraphic marker and tool for correlation. In addition, where an independent age estimate exists, tephra layers can provide a means of dating the sediments themselves. Here we present a geochemically characterized, size sorted tephra layer within Marine Isotope Stage (MIS) 6, most likely resulting from primary air-fall from an Icelandic volcanic source. This tephra layer is tentatively correlated to the Kerlingarfjöll volcanic system using major element geochemistry. The ash layer has an interpolated age of 181±6 ka based on the age model for MD04-2822. We briefly review the occurrence of silicic tephra in the North Atlantic region from MIS 7 to MIS 5e inclusive and find potential correlatives to the MD04-2822 MIS 6 ash layer in the Norway Basin and Irminger Sea.

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