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Site U1359 is located on the eastern levée of the Jussieau submarine channel on the Wilkes Land margin, East Antarctica. The upper approximately 60 m of the sediment core records more than 2.5 Ma of the depositional history. Present work focuses on inferring provenance from the heavy mineral fraction from the Pleistocene sediments. Clay and non-clay fractions were characterized using X-ray diffraction and micro-beam techniques. Metamorphic minerals including orthopyroxene, high-Ca garnet and high-Ti biotite indicate a source in a high-grade metamorphic terrain. Mixing from a low- to medium-grade metamorphic component is also indicated. Several basaltic rock fragments, showing mineralogical affinities to the Ferrar volcanic province in the Ross Sea sector, are present. The metamorphic component is correlatable with the Proterozoic East Antarctic cratonic shield component. Ordovician–Silurian ages for the euhedral xenotime and monazite, coupled with the Ferrar equivalent basalts, indicate an additional sediment source from the Ross Orogen along with that from the craton.

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