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A brief account is given of the life, scientific work and legacy of the foraminiferologist Henry Bowman Brady (1835–1891). Brady’s most enduring legacy is the ‘Report on the Foraminifera dredged by HMS Challenger’, published in 1884. Distribution data contained in the report enable the recognition of a range biogeographic provinces and of bathymetric zones. The biogeographic data and provinces are of considerable use in palaeobiogeographic-and palaeoclimatic-interpretation, for example in the Pleistocene–Holocene of the British Isles. The bathymetric data and zones are similarly of use in palaeobathymetric interpretation, for example in the Palaeogene of the North Sea. Brady himself appears to have been the first to apply bathymetric data in palaeobathymetric interpretation, on Fiji in 1888, and on Barbados in 1892. Some notes on the voyage of HMS Challenger are appended.

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