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A palynostratigraphical study of the Middle Jurassic Ravenscar Group, Cleveland Basin, northern England involving the integration of miospore and microplankton data with sedimentary facies data has resulted in improvements in the stratigraphical resolution of offshore hydrocarbon-bearing strata in the North Viking Graben and Mid-Norway. The Dogger Formation is of ‘earliest’ Aalenian age and is correlative with the uppermost Dunlin Group, Drake Formation and Båt Group, Ror Formation. The overlying Aalenian Saltwick and Eller Beck formations correlate with the Brent Group, Broom-Rannoch-Etive-Ness and the Fangst Group, Ile-Not–‘lower’ Garn genetic packages. The Cloughton Formation is either unrepresented or condensed in the Brent Province and Mid-Norway due to a regional unconformity, which truncates lower Bajocian sediments. The Scarborough Formation is of ‘latest’ early to ‘earliest’ late Bajocian age and correlative with the older part of the Tarbert-Heather and the ‘upper’ Garn-Melke genetic packages. These interpretations contrast markedly with the majority of those published.

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