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This volume in the Special Publication Series of The Micropalaeontological Society (TMS) is the result of an extremely successful joint meeting of TMS, the American Association of Strati-graphic Palynologists (AASP) and the North American Micropaleontology Section (NAMS) of SEPM that took place at University College London between 11 and 13 September 2002. The main theme of this international meeting was ’ Recent Developments in Applied Biostratigraphy’ and the vision was to encourage trans-Atlantic exchange of ideas, ultimately to seed new research initiatives. In particular, the aim was to develop an integrated multidisciplinary approach in both the academic and industrial realms. The editors hope that through publication of this volume, this goal will have been realized. The conveners of the meeting were:

  • James Powell (Dinosystems) acting as TMS Secretary at the time;

  • James Riding (British Geological Survey) acting as both TMS Treasurer and AASP President-Elect at the time;

  • Chris Denison (ChevronTexaco) representing AASP;

  • Tom Dignes (ExxonMobil) representing NAMS;

  • Rachel Preece (ChevronTexaco) representing TMS in the USA;

  • Alan Lord (UCL) acting as Local Secretary;

  • Sue Mathews (UCL) providing Local Support.

Over 200 delegates registered for the meeting from 25 countries (Argentina, Austria, Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Colombia, Denmark, France, Germany, India, Ireland, Italy, Jamaica, Mexico, Netherlands, Norway, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Spain, Switzerland, Trinidad, UK, USA and Venezuela). A group photograph of the delegates was published in the AASP journal Palynology (vol. 27, pp. 270, 271)

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