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A new long-offset, long-record crustal-scale seismic survey of 9600 km called JavaSPAN was acquired in the Java Sea and Makassar Strait. The East Java Sea is underlain by continental basement with a prolonged multiphase history of deposition punctuated by extensional and compressional events. This East Java Terrane is a major component of SE Sundaland lying between the Meratus suture, the contemporary Java arc, and the west Sulawesi orogenic belt, but is poorly constrained on the north under the North Makassar Basin and in Kalimantan. A Precambrian to Permo-Triassic sedimentary section up to some 8.5 km in thickness overlies crystalline basement in a number of fault blocks and synformal structures below a strong angular unconformity. A thin overlap assemblage of Cretaceous to early Cenozoic sediments overlies that unconformity. Middle Eocene to Neogene clastic and carbonate rocks overlie another angular unconformity that marks the initiation of a well known history of Palaeogene extension, sag, and Neogene inversion. The East Java Terrane rifted from the Bonaparte-Arafura sector of northern Australia in the Jurassic and accreted onto a magmatic arc on the SW flank of what is now Kalimantan in the Cretaceous.

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