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Eclogites occur in the Monte Rosa and Gran Paradiso Penninic nappes of the Western Alps as small bodies within metasedimentary rocks and, in Monte Rosa, rarely, as boudinaged dikes within late-Variscan granitoids. Minor but characteristic constituents of these eclogites are glaucophane and paragonite. Bulk composition of the protoliths ranges from basaltic to Fe-Ti basaltic.

High-pressure assemblages comprising chloritoid, phengite, garnet ± kyanite, talc, Mg-chlorite and glaucophane also occur in micaschists of both nappes. The Early Alpine high-pressure assemblages postdate the intrusion of late-Variscan granitoids and are overprinted by the greenschist, mid-Tertiary Lepontine metamorphism.

Garnet-clinopyroxene geothermometry and phase compatibilities suggest high-pressure...

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