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The Late Devonian early tetrapods in East Greenland occur in the Celsius Bjerg Group. Key occurrences are located in a detailed stratigraphic section used here to interpret the sedimentary palaeoenvironments. The palaeoenvironment for the Britta Dal Formation (which contains both Ichthyostega and Acanthostega) is reinterpreted. The Britta Dal Formation channels have flat bases, are poorly channelized, are of low sinuosity and are part of a very major distributory system that periodically experienced extreme flooding. The tetrapod fossils were recovered from an ephemeral system that was not permanently habitable in the immediate area. Plant megafossils are poorly preserved casts and impressions dominated by lycopsids and fern-like plants. The overbank siltstones are dominated by arid soil forming processes and comprise a spectacular sequence of vertisols. The 1174 m in situ Ichthyostega locality in Paralleldal was relocated and occurs just below the midpoint of the second megacycle in the Britta Dal Formation.

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