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Extensional structures with geometrical and kinematic features analogous to the known Gulf of Corinth faults, are found further to the south of what is considered to be the southern margin of the of Proto-Corinth Gulf, reaching south to the northern flanks of Mt Mainalon. This mountain front is marked by the North Mainalon Fault Zone, which comprises a series of normal fault segments with NNE dips. Assuming a listric or ramp-flat geometry for the North Mainalon Fault Zone, it could flatten at a depth of 6–8 km, underneath Mt Khelmos. Its southern, shallow part has been truncated by NNE- and NNW-trending faults, which may be linked to northward propagation of the east–west extension in the Southern Peloponnesus, causing further uplift in the central and northern Peloponnesus, while its deeper part is still active and may reach further north and sole onto the hypothesized detachment zone beneath the Gulf of Corinth.

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