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Retrograde metamorphic PT paths of garnet–pyroxene-bearing mafic gneisses from three regions in central Dronning Maud Land (CDML) were examined. No difference in PT conditions estimated from rocks of the three regions was recognized, and they are within the range of c. 6–8 kbar, 750–830 °C. However, localities in the Mühlig-Hofmann Range (Filchnerfjella and Jutulsessen) preserve rocks with mineral textures that indicate near-isothermal decompressional histories. In the Schirmacher Hills, an isolated exposure on the Princess Astrid Coast, metamorphic texture observed in mafic gneiss is indicative of an isobaric cooling history. Combining their PT paths and age determinations suggests that the Schirmacher Hills was a separate terrane, together with present-day SE Africa, whereas the Grenvillian-age east–west-trending CDML inland nunatak regions are characterized by an isothermal decompressional metamorphic history related to the final amalgamation of Gondwana.

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