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We report the occurrence of sapphirine+quartz association within garnet porphyroblast in the garnet–orthopyroxene–sillimanite granulite (Grt–Opx–Sill granulite) from Rundvågshetta in the Lützow-Holm Complex, East Antarctica. The granulites in the study area show a characteristic mineral assemblage consisting of orthopyroxene+sillimanite+quartz. The presence of sapphirine and quartz inclusions within garnet in the sapphirine-bearing Grt–Opx–Sill granulite suggests that metamorphic conditions changed from the stability field of orthopyroxene+sillimanite+quartz to that of sapphirine+quartz during the garnet growth. Peak metamorphic temperature conditions of about 1000–1100 °C are obtained by ternary feldspar thermometry for these granulites. Similar temperatures were also estimated from the Al-in-orthopyroxene geothermometer. The granulites are also characterized by coarse-grained garnet, being partly surrounded by a fine-grained symplectite composed of orthopyroxene and cordierite, whereas sapphirine+cordierite symplectitic intergrowth occurs in the matrix. These textures imply that the area underwent isothermal decompression subsequent to ultrahigh-temperature metamorphism. The sapphirine-bearing Grt–Opx–Sill granulite is likely to be the restitic product of partial melting and shows signs of segregation and movement of melt.

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