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A comprehensive suite of radiometric age determination clearly defines three periods of igneous activity in the Tooele 1° × 2° quadrangle, Utah. These periods and the associated igneous activity are (1) Jurassic calcalkaline plutonism, (2) late Eocene to early Miocene calc-alkaline plutonism and volcanism, and (3) middle and late Miocene bimodal basaltic and rhyolitic volcanism. These periods are recognized throughout the entire Great Basin. A characteristic metal or suite of metals is associated with each period. Tungsten skarns are commonly related to Jurassic plutonism; base-metal and precious-metal deposits are characteristic of the late Eocene to early Miocene igneous activity; and beryllium, fluorine, and uranium are elements associated with silicic rocks of the middle and late Miocene period of igneous activity.

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