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The Congo (CC) and the São Francisco (SFC) cratons were joined at about 2.05 Ga; northern parts of Palaeoproterozoic basement subsequently underwent extension at about 1 Ga, forming intracratonic basins. Neoproterozoic metasedimentary rocks in these basins yield detrital zircons as young as 630 Ma. The Brasiliano and Pan-African (c. 620–580 Ma) assembly of West Gondwana extensively altered this system. The Sergipano domain occurs north of the SFC, and the comparable Yaoundé domain occurs north of the CC. Crust north of the Sergipano domain comprises the Pernambuco–Alagoas (PEAL) domain. The NE–SW-striking Tcholliré–Banyo fault in Cameroon may extend southwestwards between the PEAL and Sergipano domains, defining northern limits of abundant SFC/CC basement. The Adamawa–Yadé domain in Africa does not appear to extend into Brazil. The Transverse domain of Brazil is a collage of Palaeoproterozoic crustal blocks, the 1.0 Ga Cariris Velhos orogen (CVO), late Neoproterozoic basins, and Brasiliano granites. The CVO extends ENE for more than 700 km in Brazil, but eastern continuation into Africa has not been identified. North of the Transverse domain contiguous c. 2.15 Ga gneisses comprise basement of Rio Grande do Norte and Ceará domains, which continue eastwards into western Nigeria and western Sahara.

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