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The Givetian pelagic and dysoxic outer shelf facies of the Dra Valley (SW Morocco) yielded as minor benthic faunal elements a number of stringocephalid and uncitid brachiopods that allow a precise correlation of these marker brachiopods with the regional, detailed goniatite zonation. In a reverse situation, the predominant neritic shallow-water succession of the Bergisch Gladbach area (Rhenish Massif, Germany), which is characterized by a detailed succession of stringocephalids and Uncites, has yielded rare and new Middle Givetian goniatite species. These findings allow, with some help of conodont data, neritic–pelagic correlations within and between widely separated basins. New species are Tornoceras n. sp. from the Büchel Formation (with coloration remains), ‘Trevoneitespaffrathensis n. sp. from the Lower Plattenkalk Formation, and Maenioceras heinorum n. sp. from the Hornstein Member. New material of stringocephalids and Uncites is described from the Dra Valley. The identical, well-defined range of Uncites (U.) gryphus gryphus in the lower to middle parts of the Middle Givetian of the Dra Valley and Rhenish Massif underscores the stratigraphical significance of this genus that was widely distributed in Europe, northern Gondwana, the Urals, and Central and Eastern Asia.

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