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The purpose of this volume is to disseminate the principal results of the Natural Environment Research Council's (NERC) thematic programme 'Understanding the Micro to Macro Behaviour of Rock-Fluid Systems', commonly referred to as 'μ2M', and it forms part of the dissemination strategy of the programme. This £2.5M programme ran from 1998 to 2004 and provided funding to 17 projects following two calls for proposals. In common with other NERC thematic programmes, this programme was overseen by a steering committee with representatives from industry and academia with expertise and experience in the topics covered by the programme and knowledge of their potential application. An over-view of the Micro to Macro Programme is provided in the last paper in this volume.

Understanding how fluids flow through though rocks is very important in a number of fields. Almost all of the world's oil and gas are produced from underground reservoirs and knowledge of how these energy resources got where they are, what keeps them there and how they migrate through the rock is very important in the search for new resources as well as for extracting as much of the contained oil/gas as possible. Similar understanding is important for managing groundwater resources and also for predicting how hazardous or radioactive wastes and carbon dioxide will behave if they are stored or disposed of underground. Unravelling the complex behaviour of fluids as they flow through rock is difficult. We cannot see through rock, so we need to predict how and where fluids flow and

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