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Groundwater in a national water strategy, 1964–1979

R. A. Downing
R. A. Downing
20, Springfield Park, Twyford, Reading RG10 9JH, UK
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January 01, 2004


The Water Resources Board was formed in 1964, an outcome of the Water Resources Act of 1963. Its remit was to advise the Government and the new river authorities on ‘the proper use of water resources in England and Wales’. It made three major regional studies of water resources and, in 1973, advocated a national water strategy. The Water Resources Board was disbanded in 1974 following the reorganization of the water industry under the Water Act of 1973 which created the regional water authorities. In the 1970s, a decline in the rate of population growth together with an economic recession reduced the demand for water and the Board’s proposals were not fully implemented. After 1974 the Central Water Planning Unit continued the Water Resources Board’s role until it too was disbanded in 1979.

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Geological Society, London, Special Publications

200 Years of British Hydrogeology

J. D. Mather
J. D. Mather
University of London, UK
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Geological Society of London
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January 01, 2004




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