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Plate tectonic interpretations are commonly used for Phanerozoic tectonic features, but there are still differences of opinion regarding the best model for Proterozoic tectonic features. We suggest that it will be more fruitful to apply the plate model as used in Phanerozoic examples than to build a special model based only on Proterozoic data, or to decide ad hoc what modifications of the plate model may be necessary. As a stimulus for discussion and further work we present plate tectonic interpretations for three widely discussed problems in the Proterozoic terranes of eastern North America: the search for a Grenville suture, the relationship between the Grenville orogeny and Keweenawan rifting, and possible relationships between the Labrador Fold Belt and the Canadian Southern Province. We emphasize the separate stages of the Wilson Cycle of ocean opening and closing; examine some of the available data appropriate for plate tectonic interpretations, particularly isotopic dates; and point out new avenues of investigation suggested by the model.

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