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Basement rocks are important oil and gas reservoirs in various areas of the world. Such reservoirs include fractured or weathered granites, quartzites, or metamorphics. In South America, basement reservoirs occur in Venezuela and Brazil. In North Africa, basement oil and gas production occurs in Morocco, Libya, Algeria and Egypt. Significant basement reservoirs occur in the West Siberia basin as well as in China. In the USA, basement-derived oil production occurs in a number of areas, including California (Wilmington and Edison fields), Kansas (El Dorado and Orth fields) and Texas (Apco field). In Southeast Asia, basement reservoirs are the main contributor of oil production in Vietnam. In Indonesia, to date oil and gas production from basement rocks has been minimal. However, the recent large gas discovery in pre-Tertiary fractured granites in southern Sumatra has led to a focusing of exploration in Indonesia for basement reservoirs.

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