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Ireland-Dingle and North

January 01, 2000


Approximately 250 m of unfossiliferous sediments attributed to the Old Red Sandstone outcrop onshore at Ballymastocker, Donegal in northwest Ireland. Massive sandstones and trough cross-bedded sandstones pass upwards into coarse purple–brown basal conglomerates. The majority of the clast types, which include quartzite, marble, pelite, schist, vein quartz and metadolerite, are derived from the local Dalradian basement. Acid to intermediate porphyry clasts have no local source and may indicate a source to the north-east in the vicinity of the Devonian Lorne Plateau volcanic rocks in Argyll. The rocks are believed to represent an intermontane alluvial fan environment. The sediments occur in an outcrop of 3 km length against the northern flank of Knockalla Mountain, bounded to the southeast by the NE–SW-trending Caledonian Leannan Fault and resting on fractured Argyll Group Dalradian basement. No unconformable contact is observed and all contacts may be tectonic. Coarsening-up cycles within the sediments may reflect syn-sedimentary tectonic activity. The Devonian rocks are transected by a fracture system implying dextral transpressional activity on the Leannan Fault. The Dalradian basement rocks preserve evidence of sinistral strike-slip movement in late Caledonian times. Slickenfibres observed within the sediments and Dalradian rocks provide evidence for oblique dip-slip movement to the northwest. It is considered that these structures represent the last movement of the ORS basin, dropping it below denudation level, which resulted in its preservation. Movement along the Leannan Fault played a major role in the preservation of the offshore basins in the Islay–Donegal Platform region.

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Geological Society, London, Special Publications

New Perspectives on the Old Red Sandstone

Geological Society of London
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January 01, 2000




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