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January 01, 2002


The papers in this volume represent a step forward in our knowledge of the geological evolution of the North Atlantic from the Cretaceous-Palaeogene boundary through to the early Eocene. With the increase in hydrocarbon exploration activities in the Faroe-Shetland Basin (Fig. 1), new interpretations of the regional geology have become increasingly important, and the accuracy of the time frame for this work is vital to our understanding of the sequence of volcanic and sedimentary events.

The synthesis of data relating to Palaeogene volcanism and sedimentation along the Norwegian Margin by Eldholm et al. emphasizes the importance of transfer zones, possibly inherited from the Proterozoic basement, in the distribution of sediments and volcanic products during rifting (Fig. 2). Furthermore, subsequent uplift and the development of marginal highs are invoked as factors which affected water circulation within the basins, leading to a deterioration in the Eocene climate. This work identifies the relevance of the North Atlantic Igneous Province (NAIP) as an influence on environmental systems on a global scale.

Ar-Ar and Pb-U isotopic age data show that the main period of continental flood basalt volcanism in the NAIP extended from c. 60.5 Ma through to c. 54.5 Ma (Table 1). Biostratigraphical analysis of these volcanic-sedimentary sections (Jolley et al. 2002) shows that the onset of this interval equates to the Late Paleocene Thermal Maximum (LPTM). New isotopic dating of the oldest part of the volcanic sequence on the Faroe Islands, the Lower Formation, by Waagstein et al. has further confirmed the age

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Geological Society, London, Special Publications

The North Atlantic Igneous Province: Stratigraphy, Tectonic, Volcanic and Magmatic Processes

D. W. Jolley
D. W. Jolley
University of Sheffield, UK
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B. R. Bell
B. R. Bell
University of Glasgow, UK
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Geological Society of London
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January 01, 2002




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