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In 1995–2006 FSUE ‘Sevmorgeo’ within the framework of the Federal Program of state survey baselines network development performed geophysical works in the Barents and Kara seas along four regional profiles: 1-AR (Kola Peninsula–Heysa Island of Franz-Joseph Land Archipelago); 2-AR (Central part of the Barents region–Novaya Zemlya – Yamal Peninsula); 3-AR (White Sea–Severnaya Zemlya Archipelago); and 4-AR (Taimyr Peninsula–Franz-Joseph Land Archipelago). Geophysical surveys included works using seismic refraction–deep seismic sounding technique, seismic reflection–common-depth point technique, seismic acoustic profiling and gravimetric and magnetic measurements. Integrated geophysical surveys along the regional profiles enabled more exact definition of the Earth deep crustal structure and the sedimentary cover of the main tectonic elements.

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