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Detailed sedimentological work in Lower Devonian (primarily Siegenian) rocks of the Matagamon Lake area in northern Maine indicates that mudstone and fine-grained sandstone grades upward from a turbidite-bearing prodelta-marine slope association (Seboomook Formation) to coarser grained associations characteristic of delta-front and delta-plain environments (Matagamon Sandstone). Paleocurrent directions determined from turbidites, channeled fluxoturbidites, and various facies of the shallower water environments indicate sediment transport from east to west. The coarsening-upward sequence coupled with paleocurrent and paleoenvironmental data indicate a westerly prograding delta-slope-basin sequence. It is proposed that the widespread Siegenian deeper water mudstone and fine-grained sandstone facies (Seboomook Formation and equivalents) is a syntectonic shaly flysch derived f r o m an extensive landmass to the east that was uplifted in Early Devonian time.

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