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East Irish Sea Fields

January 01, 2003


The Douglas Field, on stream in February 1996, is the first oil field to be developed in the East Irish Sea Basin, with an estimated STOIIP of 202 MMBBL. The field structure consists of three tilted fault blocks formed during extensional faulting in Triassic-early Jurassic times, and later readjusted by contractional movements during Tertiary inversion. The oil is trapped in the Triassic Ormskirk Sandstone Formation, which comprises moderate to high porosity aeolian and fluvial sandstones. The reservoir depth is shallow (2140 ft) with a maximum oil column of 375 ft. The reservoir can be divided into several laterally extensive units based on vertical facies variations. The reservoir quality is principally controlled by primary depositional processes, and authigenic clay minerals are not important. However, bitumen is formed extensively in specific areas of the field causing significant permeability reduction. The hydrocarbon filling history of the field was complex, with the occurrence of at least two phases of oil generation and migration. The field contains a relatively ‘dead’ oil with a low GOR (170 scf/bbl). Pressure maintenance is achieved through sea water injection, and to date ten production and six injection wells have been drilled. The crude is light (44° API) and contains high levels of H2S (0.5mol%) and mercaptans, which are removed during processing offshore.

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Geological Society, London, Memoirs

United Kingdom Oil and Gas Fields Commemorative Millennium Volume

J. G. Gluyas
J. G. Gluyas
Acorn Oil Gas Ltd, Staines, Middlesex, UK
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H. M. Hichens
H. M. Hichens
Oil and Gas Directorate, London, UK
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Geological Society of London
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January 01, 2003




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