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The Bryan Heights salt dome is located in southern Brazoria County, Texas, near the mouth of Brazos River and nearly due south of Houston. It is marked topographically by a low mound which rises about 25 feet above sea-level. The top of the salt is encountered at an average depth of about 1,100 feet. Formations of Quaternary and later Tertiary age overlie the dome, and as in the case of other Gulf Coast domes there are more or less steeply inclined Tertiary rocks surrounding the salt core. A sulphurbearing cap rock is of chief economic importance, sulphur being mined by the Frasch hot-water process from depths of about 700 to 900 feet below the surface. Some deep drilling, to depths of more than 3,500 feet, has been undertaken on the flanks of the dome, but no commercial oil or gas has been encountered.

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