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The scleractinian coral fauna of the Eocene Upper Scotland formation of Barbados comprises 27 species and varieties belonging to 23 genera and subgenera. There is a mingling of hermatypic and ahermatypic forms suggesting a tropical shallow-water, non-littoral environment at depths at or even beyond the lower limits of temperature for vigorous reef-coral growth. Most (16) of the species and 2 of the genera are new and generally show relations with the middle Eocene Claibornian coral fauna of somewhat similar environment in the United States. A few species are either the same as or have affinity with Claibornian forms; one or two are allied to western European or Mediterranean Tertiary species. Of particular interest is the occurrence of Endopachys maclurii.

Two corals are described from the Miocene of Martinique. One is a new species of the odd subgenus of Sphenotrochus, Eusthenotrochus, heretofore known only from one recent species and another from the Eocene of the Paris Basin. The other is Dominicotrochus dominicensis (Vaughan), a turbinolian previously known from a single Dominican specimen of uncertain origin and horizon.

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