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The present volume is the first serious attempt to assemble under one cover the existing knowledge of the geology of the Tampico region in Mexico. The author, Mr. John M. Muir, is well fitted for this difficult undertaking because of his long familiarity with the area and his wide acquaintance among the persons interested in the geology and oil resources of that region. He went about the task with a full comprehension of its size and importance, and has patiently, persistently, and conscientiously carried it to completion. By personal interviews and by correspondence he has brought together a vast amount of data, both published and unpublished, and in addition has repeatedly gone to the field for first-hand information, particularly where doubts or uncertainties existed as to the correct interpretation of the reported conditions. This information, made readily accessible in one volume, will be of inestimable value to all future workers in eastern Mexico.

The author has offered what appear to be reasonable solutions of many perplexing problems in Mexican geology; it is hardly to be expected, however, that all his conclusions will go unchallenged. He has called attention to other problems and has indicated the difficulties attendant upon their solution. He has been eminently fair in presenting the views of others, and in indicating their contributions to the knowledge of the area. He has overlooked no opportunity to bring the volume up to date even to the extent of making additions after the manuscript had been sent to press.

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