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Tectonics of East Side of Cordillera in Western Canada

A. J. Goodman
A. J. Goodman
Calgary, Alberta
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January 01, 1954


The Canadian Rocky Mountains and their foothills have been strongly compressed and have developed overthrusts directed toward the east. The beds of the foreland or plains area are comparatively flat and undisturbed.

The Mackenzie Mountains are open folds with some normal faulting. Their foreland has been broken by block faulting of the basement and overlying beds.

By applying information obtained from the Mackenzie Mountains foreland to problems of the Rockies it becomes apparent that in the geosynclinal belt the basement was so deep and so broken that it was ineffective to control structure. The Paleozoic limestones were the agents of structural control in this tectonic belt.

In the plains the basement was rigid and unyielding except where weakened locally by earlier dislocation.

It is believed that compressive stress was widely distributed in the earth's crust and fairly uniform. The degree of yielding to compression is therefore inversely proportional to the strength of the basement in different localities, or to the strength of the Paleozoic limestones in the main mountains where the basement is ineffective.

With this understanding of basement control an attempt is made to interpret characteristic structures in the Rocky Mountains, their foothills, and in the plains.

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AAPG Special Publication

Western Canada Sedimentary Basin: A Symposium; Sponsored by the Alberta Society of Petroleum Geologists, and the Saskatchewan Society of Petroleum Geologists

Leslie M. Clark
Leslie M. Clark
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American Association of Petroleum Geologists
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January 01, 1954




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