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The name, Elk Point formation, has been applied to the deposits, mainly evaporite, below the Waterways formation in the Anglo-Canadian Elk Point boreholes 1, 2, and 3, located in east central Alberta. It has long been a question as to whether the formation is Silurian or Devonian. Data from a newer hole in the same vicinity permit more complete description of the formation, and its subdivision into nine members. The formation as a whole, or its equivalents, extends widely in the Western Canada sedimentary basin, and the individual members are traceable through lithologic variations over much of this basin. The Elk Point is equivalent to Elm Point and Winnipegosan formations, and the newly-established Mafeking formation, of the Manitoba outcrop section. It is correlative with Pine Point and Presqu’ile formations of the Great Slave Lake section and with Ramparts formation of the Mackenzie Valley.

In the Elk Point are found two faunas, Stringocephalus in the upper part, A try pa arctica in the lower. Two new names are given to recently discovered brachiopods which may prove of value as guide-fossils:

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