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Detailed study based on sample determinations of 12 wells, one of which is in Saskatchewan and 11 in the plains of Alberta shows a sequence of strata of questionable age that is herein referred to as the Elk Point formation. The formation underlies a thick section of Upper Devonian strata and in turn lies on Ordovician, Cambrian, or pre-Cambrian rocks. It generally consists of two conspicuous red shales, anhydritic dolomites, and thin slightly fossiliferous argillaceous silty limestones, in addition to one to three salt members. Maximum thickness of the entire formation is 1,557 (plus or minus) feet. The age of the Elk Point formation is considered Silurian. However, recent evidence suggests at least the upper part of the formation to be Middle Devonian. (On the basis of new evidence, the tentative “Silurian” correlation of the Elk Point formation is abandoned in favor of a Middle Devonian age designation. J.R.M., September, 1952.)

A detailed composite geological log of Elk Point area is presented.

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