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Discussion of Jurassic Papers

January 01, 1958


P. S. Warren.2 —I would ask Dr. Frebold if the European zone fossils, which are not represented in the Fernie section, might be missing because the volcanic activity which occurred in the British Columbia area killed off these forms before they could penetrate farther east. The implication is that the fossils may be missing, but the equivalent sediments may be there.

H. Frebold.—The possibility of a causal relationship between the Jurassic volcanic activity in British Columbia and the absence of many European zone fossils in the Fernie deposits cannot be denied. At present, however, with the exception of the lower Lias fauna in Tyaughton Creek area, none of the British Columbia Jurassic faunas is known to be absent or not represented in the Fernie, and faunas absent in the Fernie are generally missing in British Columbia too. Thus, Bathonian and upper Callovian faunas are absent in both regions. Fauna immigration from British Columbia into the Fernie sea was therefore not prevented by their death before migration. They simply did not exist.

An attempt to explain some of the Fernie fossil concentrations (belemnitc battlefields and Gryphaea beds of the middle Bajocian Rock Creek member and the lower Callovian) as indication of sudden death of whole faunas caused by poisoning and high temperature of the water, following volcanic activity, seems to be justified in so far as thin layers of bentonite are found associated with the beds concerned. However, fossil concentrations of the same or similar character are present also

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Jurassic and Carboniferous of Western Canada

A. J. Goodman
A. J. Goodman
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January 01, 1958




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