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The stratigraphic occurrence of the species of Lower Tertiary California Foraminifera are given on the following range chart. This chart is quite incomplete since the numbers of species involved would make a complete chart unwieldy. Diagnostic species have been selected in most cases, and the attempt has been made to make this representative of known forms. The description of new and unrecorded species, and the recording of extended, but as yet unknown, ranges for others will necessarily change some of the details. The summary gives a picture not only of the qualitative composition but also the quantitative as well. From it a picture of the nature of the faunas and the prominent faunal changes on which this classification is based may be ascertained.

The usage of the term “Paleogene” by the author should be understood to embrace the “Lower Tertiary.” As used by Hoernes and by A. M. Davies (1934), this includes the strata from the Paleocene through the Oligocene.

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