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Future Petroleum Potential of Region 10—Appalachians

Albert I. Ingham
Albert I. Ingham
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January 01, 1971


The Region 10 study covered a large part of the Appalachian basin—west approximately to the axis of the Cincinnati arch, east to the boundary of the Fall Line with the Atlantic coastal plain, north to the U.S.- Canada border, including all of New England, and south to include eastern Tennessee and western North Carolina.

The major tectonic features of the area are shown in Figure 1. Discussion of Region 10 is on a state or contiguous-state (such as New England) basis. Arbitrary geologic divisions of the basin area could have been established as a basis for discussion, but the basin geology from northeast to southwest involves mainly gradual change rather than distinct geologic boundaries. This basin, in fact, is unusual for its relative tectonic uniformity from northeast to southwest. Stratigraphic changes also are relatively gradual in this direction. More distinct geologic divisions are evident from northwest to southeast. However, since approximately half of the geologists engaged in the Region 10 study were state geologic personnel having particular expertise in their own states, and most of the favorable petroleum area is in the rather uniform Appalachian Plateau province, the decision was made to treat the region on a state basis. Appendix I shows each senior author's report area in Region 10 and gives the names of all authors.

Although the Atlantic offshore area of New England is included in Region 11, Page suggests that there is a close geologic relation between the New England onshore and offshore areas and therefore includes Atlantic offshore potential in his discussion of the New England part of Region 10.

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AAPG Memoir

Future Petroleum Provinces of the United States—Their Geology and Potential, Volumes 1 & 2

Ira H. Cram
Ira H. Cram
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American Association of Petroleum Geologists
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January 01, 1971




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