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Region 8

January 01, 1971


The Michigan basin, designated as Region 8, comprises part of northwestern Ohio, northern Indiana, that part of Illinois within the Lake Michigan basin, and essentially all of Wisconsin and Michigan, as shown on Figure 1 of the following paper by G. D. Ells. The region contains three geologic provinces: the Wisconsin arch on the west, the Lake Superior basin on the north, and the Michigan basin lying east of the Wisconsin arch. The Michigan basin is the central point of interest in this report; outlying sections of Region 8 have been ignored because they are considered to be essentially nonproductive of hydrocarbons.

The Michigan basin geographically covers about 122,000 sq mi (315,980 sq km) and contains about 108,000 cu mi (450,040 cu km) of sedimentary rock. About 37,000 cu mi (154,270 cu km) of this volume is considered to be potentially productive.

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AAPG Memoir

Future Petroleum Provinces of the United States—Their Geology and Potential, Volumes 1 & 2

Ira H. Cram
Ira H. Cram
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January 01, 1971




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