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In Greenland and Arctic Scandinavia, Devonian sedimentary rocks crop out in only two areas: (1) East Greenland between lat. 71½°N and 74y2°N, and (2) Svalbard (Spitsbergen and possibly Bjørnøya).

The strata are nonmarine clastic units, and they are dated largely by their vertebrate fossils.

The Greenland succession has an aggregate thickness of 7,000 m and ranges in age from late Middle Devonian to late Late Devonian. The Spitsbergen succession has an aggregate thickness of 6,500 m and ranges in age from Silurian through early Early Devonian to late Middle De-vonian. Both successions overlie deformed Ordovician or older rocks and unconformably underlie Carboniferous or younger rocks.

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