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1Manuscript received, January 28, 1972.
2Amoco Production Company, Division Coordinator of Air and Water Conservation. Thanks are extended to Amoco Production Company for permission to release data on their Hastings Field S.W.D. Facility and to Leo Walker, Vice President for Operations of East Texas Salt Water Disposal Company, and J. C. Farris, Staff Engineer, Amoco Production Com pany, for their cooperation and assistance.


The disposal of salt water produced with oil from the East Texas field has been successful in minimizing pollution of land areas and freshwater sources, and has also been effective in maintaining bottomhole pressure. To date, 4.5 billion bbl of salt water has been returned to the producing reservoirs at a cost to the operators of approximately 2.5tf/bbl.

At Hastings field, in Brazoria and Galveston Counties, Texas, Amoco is successfully disposing of 50,000-60,000 bbl/day of salt water by injection into saltwater-bearing formations below freshwater sandstones and above the oil-producing zones. The project is a “closed system,” whereby the salt water produced is allowed no contact with air; thus, corrosion attack on disposal facilities is reduced. To date, Amoco has injected approximately 500 million bbl of salt water.

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