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Advances in the past 5 years in geologic modeling and seismic processing now make it possible to perform Stratigraphic interpretation to a degree not previously possible. These techniques provide the geologist and geophysicist with an ability to correlate well data with seismic data to a higher degree of reliability, particularly in Stratigraphic situations that were previously difficult to interpret. The ability to detect lateral facies changes, vertical lithology transitions, reefs, channel sands, barrier bars, pinchouts, and gas/liquid contacts is greatly enhanced.

These techniques have been used successfully and practically to aid exploration in diverse geologic provinces; and these methods have been used not only in an exploration context, but also in exploitation situations. In exploitation, methods are continually being evolved which incorporate the use of seismic, geologic, and engineering data for more refined estimates of oil and gas in place, as well as recoverable reserves.

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