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Session 5. Shelf Facies

January 01, 1978


Care must be used in the application of studies of modern marine shelf deposits to interpreting ancient analogues because:-

  1. Absence of vast epeiric seas at the present time;

  2. Effect of eustatic glacial sea level changes

    • problem of relict fluvioglacial sediments on modern continental shelves,

    • subaerial cementation & erosion of subaqueous carbonates during glacial maxima. The topography of many modern carbonate barrier islands & reefs is not accretionary but erosional.

Irwin (1964) proposed a depositional model for epeiric seas which is applicable to both terrigenous and carbonate facies (Figure 36).

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AAPG Continuing Education Course Notes Series

Concepts and Methods of Subsurface Facies Analysis

Richard C. Selley
Richard C. Selley
Imperial College London
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January 01, 1978




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