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January 01, 1981


These notes contain little or no new, original material. They represent an attempt to illuminate the importance of pore pressure and particularly abnormal pore pressure to almost all fields of earth science. It seems fair to say that the concepts of pore pressure and effective stress have brought about revolutionary changes that are quite comparable with those initiated by the concept of plate tectonics. The present notes are an extension of an earlier version of such a synthesis (Gretener,1969a),but even though care has been exercised, in view of the vastness of the literature on the subject they are bound to be incomplete and biased. Participants are urged to fill gaps and point to shortcomings .

In this course naturally the emphasis will be on those aspects of pore pressure important to the petroleum geologist, geophysicist and engineer. Occasionally side glimpses are provided to promote the appreciation that pore pressure is not the exclusive domain of the petroleum explorationist. In fact it is reasonable to say that all earth scientists can benefit from these discussions.

Chapters 1 and 2 are devoted to a discussion of some of the underlying fundamentals. Experience has shown that the omission of such an introduction usually leads to confusion at the end of a course. The reason for this is found not so much in the inadequate preparation of the participants but is rather a consequence of the varied backgrounds. Terminology in the field is not at all rigid and therefore misunderstandings

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AAPG Continuing Education Course Notes Series

Pore Pressure: Fundamentals, General Ramifications, and Implications for Structural Geology (Revised)

P. E. Gretener
P. E. Gretener
University of Calgary
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January 01, 1981




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