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We describe twelve foraminiferal zones of the Cretaceous continental margin of Zaire and Cabinda (Angola). These zones correspond as follows: one to the late Albian; four to the Cenomanian (one lateral facies); two to the Turonian; one to the Coniacian; one to the Santonian; two to the Campanian; and one to the Maestrichtian. The foraminiferal fauna indicate a transgression from the late Albian to middle Campanian interrupted by three short regressions at the end of the middle Cenomanian, late Turonian, and late Santonian. A regression began from middle Campanian to late Maestrichtian. The paleobathymetric curve of Cabinda (Angola) and Zaire corresponds to sea level changes in the eastern Arabian peninsula and southern England, but differ somewhat from the curve of Vail et a1 (1977).

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